First meeting with other members of Mozilla Community Philippines

Yesterday, Saturday, my first meet up with sir Jean together with the other student representatives in Starbucks Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. It was a rainy day but…

    “Here’s the image of us while having the meeting, taken by sir Jean”

We introduced ourselves to each other and we discussed a lot of things about Mozilla like when, how, where it was started we also discussed about the future events.

Honestly, I’ve gain a lot of knowledge and I’ve learned a lot of information that I haven’t know before about Mozilla and a words like:
“Mozilla is not only a browser but it is also a community which is created by human mind.” :]

After the meeting we decided to go home but we’re stranded by the bad weather, a lot of raindrops falling on the ground I can’t see the clear sky and the moon and the stars I only seen the water drops coming from the red clouds of night. But then, sir Jean decided to have a dinner with us before we go home. The dinner was done at Big30’s Pizza-Pasta

“Here’s the image from sir Jean’s mobile, taken by unknown woman. Sir Jean’s friends and cousin together with us(Mozilla student reps)”

A Big Thank You to Sir Jean and to all of you guys who are with us that night. I really enjoy the foods I mean the night… 😀


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