Mt. Romelo Adventure (2012 April 13-15)

Mt. Romelo is one of the tourist spot in Northern Laguna and that’s all I can say. This is unintentional and unplanned trip, we only have limited gear for mountaineering and have no professional skills. I think this place is slightly dangerous but not for us.

Below are the images captured of our camera (sadly, we only have two cameras and none of it is mine):

The place where we’ve stayed for overnight.

On our way to Mt. Romelo.

1st stop.

Why I turn my back?

4th stop.

I love this refreshing view.

One does not simply go to Batya-Batya Falls, risky but fun.

Batya-Batya Falls.

And going to Buruwisan Falls.

Finally! I’d like to introduce to you the beauty of Buruwisan Falls. This is a perfect place for summer, a cold water!

Panoramic view from Buruwisan Falls to a rocky area where we built our tent.

On the 3rd day we packed up all our things to get ready for our way home and this was our shot. Thank you guys I enjoy this adventure, next time again.

          Image © Master Jacobi and Miss Alyssa. Thank You!




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7 responses to “Mt. Romelo Adventure (2012 April 13-15)”

  1. Kalongkong Hiker says :

    Ah Buruwisan Falls at Mt. Romelo is my debut climb when I started to re-join mountaineering in Metro Manila. The trail was so challenging as we goes through 3 to 4 feet deep muds hahaha, I actually walk barefoot here going up and down as no shoe or sandals withstand the muddy land as I call it.

    Thank you for the ping back and hope that you guys continue to climb and love Mother Nature.

    • Jyra Bulan says :

      Welcome dude hehe Yep, Nature tripping is very nice, we are just a group of barkada an aspiring mountaineers hahaha the challenging part for me when we were in the deep water hahaha I don’t know how to swim but I still enjoy it, actually this is not my first time on mountain climbing and hopefully this summer we climb again but this time in Cuenca, Batangas sana matuloy haha…

      Well, thank you for viewing my blog 😀

      • Kalongkong Hiker says :

        Definitely, if you want I can invite you to our anniversary climb this coming September. Let’s climb and unite with Mother Earth!

      • Jyra Bulan says :

        Thanks for inviting but I have a lot of things to do this coming September it’s our final this 1st semester though I’d like to join you hehe sorry :]

      • Kalongkong Hiker says :

        I see, maybe some other climbs. Well, review well (magsunog ka ng kilay gurl, as they say) and good luck to your exams it is a piece of cake if you did your assignment!

      • Jyra Bulan says :

        hahaha Thank you dude, yeah hope so and maybe next time we’ll be part of the group hahaha Thank you Thank you 😀

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