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Mozilla PH Campus Tour (ICT Convention) 8/12/2012

Hello World!

The Mozilla Philippines Community is very thankful to Lipa City College for having us to their convention. To be honest, this is my second time in Mozilla PH Campus Tour, last time it was held in our school at Letran-Calamba.

What is Mozilla PH Campus Tour all about? Mozilla PH Campus Tour is aiming to promote the overview, features, browser, products, volunteers and also the Mozilla itself to the students. Mozilla is open for volunteers who are willing to contribute anything that they can. Here’s my temporary ID saying:


Because this is a convention, there were many guests invited, each guest has their own booth, and we have our own booth too:


Firefox Clinic Booth Reg.

Mozilla Philippines Community Manager Jun Eusebio Barrun Jr. features the overview of Mozilla Community and volunteers, Sir Jun also discussed about the new release Firefox 17.0.1.

While Mozilla Representative Robert “Bob” Reyes discussed Boot-to-Gecko or simply B2G. B2G is about Firefox OS which can bring you the open web for your mobile devices. For more info visit –


Later, Sir Jun and Mozilla Representative Joell Lapitan talked about the features of Firefox browser. Firefox is Fast. Safe. Smart browser, we have Firefox Beta, Aurora Firefox, Firefox Nightly and the stable Firefox Browser. Firefox browser has a lot of features that can give your needs in browser. For more info visit –

Sir Jun and Sir Joell

And after the event here’s the certification




We are Mozilla PH Community. ROCK ON! \m/

from kuya kim 7 from kuya kim 5 DSC04532


Mozilla Day Conference @Letran-Calamba (8 Sept 12)

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself I’m Jyra Bulan a BS Information Technology student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba and also a part time Student Representative of MozillaPH Community. How’s your day every one?

We celebrate the Mozilla Day Conference to represent the features of Mozilla and the other supporting products of Mozilla. Here is the summary of discussions in conference.

There are a million of people who use Firefox browser but, most of them are not that aware with Nightly, Aurora, Firefox Beta, and the Stable Mozilla Firefox browsers (stable Firefox or often called Mozilla Firefox) yet, these are the other feature products of Mozilla. Check-out the site

In Mozilla Day Conference held in Letran-Calamba, our mentor discussed the use of Mozilla Firefox, the Firefox Add-ons like Firebug, Web Developer, Abduction! And Web2Mobile. Example, the Abduction add-on, when your professor is requiring you to pass the print screen of your newly done webpage project you can use Abduction tool where you can print out the whole page without putting it in Photoshop or any image editor tools. Check out the Firefox Add-ons here

Technology is moving to mobile, Firefox for Android. Firefox browser is now available in Android phones; it can perform faster than the other mobile browsers. Here is the site

Firefox OS, yes you read it right, Firefox is not just a browser now but an operating system. Firefox OS is now open to mobile device which is faster than the other operating system on mobile devices. Firefox OS provides your need, if you want to know more about it just check out the site here at this site can help you more about Firefox OS.

Firefox Persona, if you’re a student who love creativity for your Firefox browsers here you can create your own theme or just choose a design, Persona provides a lot of themes came from different designers that you can use.

Here are some images of us took in MozDay Conference:


Images: Kuya Kim (Mozilla Reps)

I want to give THANKS to everyone who joined the event and to our mentors Thanks a lot :]

Mt. Romelo Adventure (2012 April 13-15)

Mt. Romelo is one of the tourist spot in Northern Laguna and that’s all I can say. This is unintentional and unplanned trip, we only have limited gear for mountaineering and have no professional skills. I think this place is slightly dangerous but not for us.

Below are the images captured of our camera (sadly, we only have two cameras and none of it is mine):

The place where we’ve stayed for overnight.

On our way to Mt. Romelo.

1st stop.

Why I turn my back?

4th stop.

I love this refreshing view.

One does not simply go to Batya-Batya Falls, risky but fun.

Batya-Batya Falls.

And going to Buruwisan Falls.

Finally! I’d like to introduce to you the beauty of Buruwisan Falls. This is a perfect place for summer, a cold water!

Panoramic view from Buruwisan Falls to a rocky area where we built our tent.

On the 3rd day we packed up all our things to get ready for our way home and this was our shot. Thank you guys I enjoy this adventure, next time again.

          Image © Master Jacobi and Miss Alyssa. Thank You!



Girl in the Sketch

“Have you seen this lady? I don’t know who is she I’ve never met her before if you saw her just tell me…”

If you follow what’s your hand saying you can draw an image that you’re not familiar with but if you follow your imagination you can draw what is in you heart…

First meeting with other members of Mozilla Community Philippines

Yesterday, Saturday, my first meet up with sir Jean together with the other student representatives in Starbucks Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. It was a rainy day but…

    “Here’s the image of us while having the meeting, taken by sir Jean”

We introduced ourselves to each other and we discussed a lot of things about Mozilla like when, how, where it was started we also discussed about the future events.

Honestly, I’ve gain a lot of knowledge and I’ve learned a lot of information that I haven’t know before about Mozilla and a words like:
“Mozilla is not only a browser but it is also a community which is created by human mind.” :]

After the meeting we decided to go home but we’re stranded by the bad weather, a lot of raindrops falling on the ground I can’t see the clear sky and the moon and the stars I only seen the water drops coming from the red clouds of night. But then, sir Jean decided to have a dinner with us before we go home. The dinner was done at Big30’s Pizza-Pasta

“Here’s the image from sir Jean’s mobile, taken by unknown woman. Sir Jean’s friends and cousin together with us(Mozilla student reps)”

A Big Thank You to Sir Jean and to all of you guys who are with us that night. I really enjoy the foods I mean the night… 😀

Happy New Year :]

I don’t know what time is it, we have different time everyone is celebrating it but some is not and the other are just following the neighborhood even though they don’t know the exact time, jejeje. Fireworks are not enough beautiful here for me unlike in Manila the sky is brighten by fireworks and people are enjoying watching it. I wish that this 2010 is my lucky year. By the way Happy New Year to All Good Luck to your life this 2010 and God Bless.

Allegro Cantabile

I love this music because it needs to use piano to hear its sound. In my childhood, I really really wants to learn how to play piano but I don’t ask my parents about it that’s why until now I do not know how to play it. But, if ever my parents will granted my wish that they will give me a piano as a gift for my 18th birthday, I will try to learn it on my own way, I wish to learn piano before my time comes.

Romaji Lyrics

hachi juu hachi no bamen no naka ni
chirabatta oto kakiatsumeta te
kotoba ni naranai omoi narabeta
gosenfu no ue oikoshita hibi

kousa shite iku sando wo kasane
koko ni hibikasete

utau you ni massugu ni
uta no ue wo nobite iku
hoka ni wa nani mo dekinai
toki no subete azuke nagara
jiyuu ni toki hanatareta
sunao ni kake meguru yubi
owari naki kuresshendo wa fukaku
dare ka no moto e mukau

me no mae ni hirakareta sekai
kuri kaesu atarashii pureryuudo

hachi juu hachi no yume monogatari, otoshita kyuufu, kawaru haamonii
shizuka ni sotto totonoeta iki…
arubeki katachi torimodosu made

kakikesareru sando wo kasane koko ni hibikasete

utau tabi ni shinjite ita uta no soba wo hazurete iku
in tenpo de tsumazuite
motsurete iku sokkyou no naka e
hikikaesu michi ga kieru ugokasareru nami ga chikaku
ushinatta koe no merodi dareka no moto e mukau

me no mae wo tozashite iku tobira kanashimi wa
tsumiagerareta echuudo

ishiki mo naku togarasete tsukanda kata furikitta
itsu made mo wasurenai de utau gotoku kokoro no mama
utau you ni massugu ni uta no ue wo nobite iku
owari naki kuresshendo wa fukaku
dare ka no moto e mukau

suteeji no hashi no pianisuto e
ikiru koto konna uta no subete
ima kono me no mae ni hirakareta sekai
kuri kaesu atarashii pureryuudo
English Lyrics

In the 88th scene
I gathered up the scattered sound with my hands
I got some thoughts together that I can’t put into words
And the days passed by, to the musical score

Crossing by for the third time
Make it sound out right here

Straight forwardly, like the way in which I sing
I grow, to this song
I can’t do it to any other
As I left everything to time
It has all been set free
My fingers run about, unaffected
This unending crescendo is deep
And heading toward someone

The world has opened up before my eyes
A new prelude repeats itself

The 88th fantastic story, a rest in the music, a changing harmony
Quietly, I readied a breath…
Until the shape that should be there is returned

Disappearing for the third time, make it sound out right here

When I sing, I divert from the song that I believed in
Stumbling on the intempo
I’m getting entangled in improvisation
The repeating road will disappear, the waves the drive me along are close by
The melody of a laughing voice heads toward someone

The door is closing before my eyes
And sadness has piled up to make an etude

Unhappy without realizing it, I shook off the hand that grasped my shoulder
Don’t ever forget that your singing is only as good as your heart
Straight forwardly, like the way in which I sing, I grow, to this song
This unending crescendo is deep, and heading toward someone

Life, and everything about this kind of a song
Goes out to the pianist at the end of the stage
The world has opened up before my eyes
A new prelude repeats itself

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