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Mt. Romelo Adventure (2012 April 13-15)

Mt. Romelo is one of the tourist spot in Northern Laguna and that’s all I can say. This is unintentional and unplanned trip, we only have limited gear for mountaineering and have no professional skills. I think this place is slightly dangerous but not for us.

Below are the images captured of our camera (sadly, we only have two cameras and none of it is mine):

The place where we’ve stayed for overnight.

On our way to Mt. Romelo.

1st stop.

Why I turn my back?

4th stop.

I love this refreshing view.

One does not simply go to Batya-Batya Falls, risky but fun.

Batya-Batya Falls.

And going to Buruwisan Falls.

Finally! I’d like to introduce to you the beauty of Buruwisan Falls. This is a perfect place for summer, a cold water!

Panoramic view from Buruwisan Falls to a rocky area where we built our tent.

On the 3rd day we packed up all our things to get ready for our way home and this was our shot. Thank you guys I enjoy this adventure, next time again.

          Image © Master Jacobi and Miss Alyssa. Thank You!




Girl in the Sketch

“Have you seen this lady? I don’t know who is she I’ve never met her before if you saw her just tell me…”

If you follow what’s your hand saying you can draw an image that you’re not familiar with but if you follow your imagination you can draw what is in you heart…

Happy New Year :]

I don’t know what time is it, we have different time everyone is celebrating it but some is not and the other are just following the neighborhood even though they don’t know the exact time, jejeje. Fireworks are not enough beautiful here for me unlike in Manila the sky is brighten by fireworks and people are enjoying watching it. I wish that this 2010 is my lucky year. By the way Happy New Year to All Good Luck to your life this 2010 and God Bless.

About ME

Hello World!

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